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Updated: May 21, 2019

The business of sports is so much more than what we see from the stands and from the TV pundits. It was something I had never quite thought of before meeting Anna Chanduvi, but she introduced me to a world I knew I wanted to be a part of.

It is hard to imagine the business of sports that is so much bigger than managers, coaches, and players. It is also a place where women have traditionally found it hard to breakthrough.

I grew up watching Soccer A.M every Saturday, I went to football games throughout my childhood, and I always loved the back room antics of contracts and the transfer window. I was never good enough to play though, I couldn't imagine how I could incorporate the large part of my life that loved sports and my future, but I was inspired by Chanduvi.

The Women Breaking Records Network (WBR Network) comes at a great time for women in sports, after the striking Nike advert narrated by Serena Williams, and the success of the most talented pundit I have had the pleasure to watch, Alex Scott, it is time to open the doors to the world and celebrate the women that make sports great.

It is time to admit that sport is no longer about white men being pied and listening only to the opinions of other rich white men. The world of sports has, and always will be, a place of diversity and resistance. And I cannot wait to join the ranks.

WBR launches today, fittingly on International Women's Day, with its 'Off the record' series. A series of interviews with women throughout the sporting world from the NBA to FIFA. 'Off the record' is a chance to find out how these women got to where they are, and to celebrate (and challenge) the diversity and equality of women in sports.

I cannot wait to see this network grow, and it is a project that doesn't have any ulterior motive. WBR wants to inspire women to enter into sports, and they want to celebrate the women already there. It is about time something like this came along, and that it is accessible for everyone.

" Our mission is to share these stories, to showcase authentic and diverse experiences of women in sports while building a community for everyone to thrive. We know stories have the power to challenge stereotypes and unconscious bias. Our content, created with modern culture in mind, is designed to empower and inspire the next generation. We believe that anyone can be a record breaker with a story to tell - you're breaking a record when you're challenging yourself. Whatever that might be."
- WBR Network press release

I haven't been paid to write this article, I just really wanted to. Anna Chanduvi, the founder of WBR has inspired me and helped me begin to pursue my goals as a woman in sports, she has motivated me to find my own internship and use all of my skills to set me in the right direction. If she can do that to me then WBR will be a definite success, because I, for one, am ready for the next generation of women in sports.

So celebrate International Women's Day, and celebrate it by watching women beating all expectations in an industry that seems so closed off. If I can dream of doing it one day too, and hopefully more people will.

I was requested to write this piece by Maria Chanduvi. No affiliate links / ads / gifting.

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