A Love Letter to my Body

Updated: May 21, 2019

Dear body,

I have never written a love letter before, and I have never received one either. I'm not used to romance and I have neglected to tell you how much I love you so many times before. I am at a loss at where to start. I have been trying so hard to become enamoured by you, but putting those ideas into words seems like a foreign and awkward thing to do. Like trying to push a square brick through the circle hole on one of those children's toys. I also did what everyone in my generation does, I googled how to write one.

The Art of Manliness website says:

  1. Start off by stating the purpose of your letter.

  2. Recall a romantic memory.

  3. Now transition to a section about the things you love about her.

  4. Tell her all the things you love about her.

  5. Tell her how your life has changed since meeting her.

  6. Reaffirm your love and commitment.

  7. End with a line that sums up your love.

So that is what I am going to do.

The reason I am writing this letter is because I owe so much to you and I have neglected you in various different ways over the years, yet you still love me unconditionally. I tried so hard to break you down and destroy you, yet you still loved me unconditionally. I am finally starting to give you the appreciation you deserve, it is long overdue.

Every memory I have contains you in it, you are everywhere and all of me, and you allow me to live a beautiful life outside of your borders. I only found romance in you recently, in the way you keep moving forward even when all I want to do it stop. The way your feet have found the way in over 30 countries, and your legs have carried me up mountains, and swam in oceans, your bum has sat in exam halls for hours on end to allow me to accomplish everything I have ever wanted, and your fingers allow me to connect with the world, and because of your lips, I found a voice. I think the romance needs to be found in the everyday, in the way you just allow me to be me, and all you do is give. I don't know what romance is but it should be more give-and-take. I will give more.

There are so many things I love about you, even if I don't always show it. I love how your hair curls after walking in the rain, I love how your freckles pop up when you see the sun, and how your nose curves, I love how your arms jiggle, and the curve of your hips, I love the tiger stripes, tattoos, and bumps in your skin that make you unique, and prove you have lived and protected me, I love the old scars from various falls and accidents, that I bled but you managed to patch me up good as new again, and more than anything I love loving you.

There was nothing in my life before you and there won't be anything in my life after you. You are me. You change with me, and I with you.

So this is my promise to you, that every day no matter how difficult it gets I will treat you with care and respect. I will tell you that I love you every morning and make sure you are safe at night. This world can get scary but you have always protected me from it. It is time I protect you from me.

We are in this together, we have no choice but to fall in love and stay in love with each other. We tried every other option and none of them have worked. Being in love with you is my only option left.

We will show up together from now on. Head held high, shoulders back, in love with being in love.

I promise, Eva

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