A Letter to You


How are you?

Fine isn't an acceptable answer. The world we live in contains so much sadness, happiness, and everything-in-between-ness; there isn't anything in this world that can purely be defined as just 'fine'.

I was just wanting to check you are okay, because sometimes life gets in the way and we lose touch with the people we really want to love. Especially ourselves.

It can be really difficult to look in the mirror sometimes, and be able to feel positive about what you see. It can ruin a whole day, week, month, life. It can be overwhelming to think that we will have to spend our entire lives in this one body. We will never get to experience why another body feels like; this skin, these cheekbones, these thighs ... they are all we have to go out and experience this life with.

Think ourselves lucky, we get to spend everyday of our lives being at home in this one place. Most importantly, no one except us can change how we feel within it.

I am telling you this, and I need you to listen to every word. You are one of the most beautiful people I have ever met in my life. I am not just talking about how when you walk in the room it seems to get a little brighter, but I am talking about how goddamn strong you are. Your ability to have reached this point in your life and to have came out the other side of everything that has tried to stop you and drown you is unstoppable. Feeling shit about your body is a bitch of our society, but at the end of the day that society has nothing on your confidence, your power, and the beauty of your personality. Just think about all of the people who have loved a small piece of you without you even knowing. You have brightened up my day by just being here, and reading this.

But listen closely, because this is important, life isn't about what you are to many people but it is what you are to yourself. Being someone's inspiration or supporter or friend can be come with immense amounts of pressure. What you do for yourself is more valuable than what you do for others by just being you.

You have to grab onto the love that comes from within and wrestle with it until you can't let go of it again. Eventually it will become second nature to look in the mirror and be content with the reflection. The time will come when you haven't been monitoring your diet, and working out excessively, and you have period acne, and your hair is greasy, and you will look in the mirror, and still feel beautifully at home.

This body is your home, and she wants you to love her.

I am your friend, and I want you to see the brightness you bring to my life.

Yours, Eva

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