14 Body Positive Presents, for spreading of self love this Christmas

Updated: May 21, 2019

I don't get anything for this post! This isn't sponsored, it's just a great list of bopo presents for everyone!

1. Body Positive Quote Print (Etsy £7.80)

I love this print from ExtraAvacadoDesigns on Etsy! It's the perfect mantra to have on your wall every morning. Not only is this wonderful print available but there are so many to choose from. And for under a tenner, its a perfect stocking filler or secret Santa!

2. Feminist Seize the Day T-Shirt (Etsy £23.49)


Honestly, if I could wear this t-shirt every day I would. Have the confidence of a mediocre white man but back it up with skills, talent, and passion to follow through.

3. Colour my *flaws* - colouring book (Amazon £7.13)

I need this book! I need this book so I can make all those belly rolls rainbow coloured, and add actual tiger stripes to these beautiful bums.I need, I need, I need! Nothing more body positive than making blank pages into works of art. All Bodies Are Art.

4. I AM ENOUGH Bracelet (Etsy £16.22)

A daily reminder of just how great you are. Nothing more than who you need to be and nothing less of extraordinary. You are enough!Simple. Beautiful. Special. Just like you.

5. Take Up Space (Redbubble £24)

YES! Take up all the damn space!!! You beautiful human!!!

6. Literally ANYTHING from Nü-nude!

Okay seriously! How beautiful is their home page photo! So many beautiful women, so many beautiful bodies! This is no lie but I have the playsuit, the body con dress, the two-piece bikini and the swimsuit from nü-nude. I am a fan! Their products are super soft, most of their range is reversible, and they come in so many different skin colours. This brand makes me so happy, just have a look at their instagram, and let it try not to make you smile!

7. EAT WHAT YOU WANT! Christmas Card! (this is a Christmas present list obviously! (Etsy £2.70)

Food should be enjoyed! Especially during the holidays! Eat the food, and feel no guilt! And remind all of your favourite people with this stunning card!

8. Body Positive Power by Megan Jayne Crabbe (aka queen @bodyposipanda) (Amazon £8.17)

Megan is the queen of Body Positive Life. She is one of my main inspirations, and although I don't have this book yet, it's on my list! I have heard so many good things, and she is such a beautiful human being. If you don't follow her instagram then you need to asap!

9. Society has a distorted perception of beauty T-Shirt (Etsy £17.44)

I kind of wish I could shout this from the rooftops everyday of my life! But since I live in a bungalow, I guess I'll just wear this top.

10. Body Posi Sticker! (Etsy £2.84)

I am going to buy 10 and stick them everywhere, and whenever my friends are having a bad day I'm going to whip out one of these stickers, just to remind them how beautiful they are.

11. Riots not Diets Tote Bag (Etsy £22.41)

We've got to smash the patriarchy, the diet industry, the glass ceiling, the fashion industry, and our own self doubt. Diets aren't on the to-do list.

12. Beauty You See in Others Black Enamel Pin (Etsy £7.30 - all profits go to American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)

Perfect present for anyone, that not only tells your receiver how much they impact your life and how their beauty reflects on everyone around them, but this present also does good for so many people!

13. Thick Thighs - Thin Patience (Etsy £12.99)

Yes! The thicker the love for my thighs the thinner the patience!

14. THICC Sticker (Redbubble £2.62)

Unashamedly thicc.

Join the community and let me know what you think!

All prices correct at time of publish - No sponsorship

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